How to find the right logo for your business?

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How to find the right logo for your business?

  • January 17, 2018

The goal of any business is to attract more and more customers and make sales. To achieve this goal, she must demonstrate professionalism and credibility. The creation of a good logo is part of the strategies that help to achieve this goal. Check out the b.a.-ba of a successful logo and how to do it.
What is a logo?

We are used to seeing logos everywhere, but we do not really look at what it represents. A logo or logotype is often in the form of a graphic representation. Yet behind this simple image lies a much more important meaning for your business. Indeed, this kind of icon or symbol conveys the image of your company to the public. This allows them to recognize it and differentiate you from your competitors. It’s not just your company that represents the logo. The products or services you offer also benefit. Be aware that the logo is not intended to describe the activities of your business and to sell your products directly. It is simply the link between the target audience and your company.

The logo is an important part of your company’s branding or branding strategy. It should be noted that branding concerns your entire business and not just certain parts. It understands all its values, goals and purpose, associated with its culture and the products it offers to its customers. Branding also encompasses the image of the business that customers perceive as well as the user experiences and the logo is part of it.
The logo: how important?

As already mentioned above, it is one of the spearheads of your company. It has to communicate constantly whether it is with its customers, its partners or with the various institutions. For this, it must create various media and messages to pass.

The logo, just as the name of your company, is an excellent means of communication that is available to your business permanently. It can be very powerful when it is well developed. Moreover, your company communicates primarily through its logo to represent it. To summarize, the logo allows:

To identify your company at first sight. It is this element that distinguishes itself among many others. Seeing the image of Apple’s white apple, consumers immediately recognize it and associate it with quality, seriousness and high-end products. Your logo must respect your visual identity.
To encourage the sale. This effect is indirect, but it is well associated with your logo. It acts as a back-up of your products to customers. Note the effect of badges like Channel, Louis Vuitton or Versace in the field of fashion. These are quality pledges to the public.
Boost the reputation of your company. It is the recognition that its customers send to it and your company is placed on a kind of pedestal. This is the case of Michelin for example. It goes even beyond the customer sphere. Even those who are not part of this circle may well recognize it.

How to develop an excellent logo?

We can not really say that a logotype is excellent only if it has proven itself, that is to say when it has had impactful impact in the eyes of the public. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that characterize successful logos and you can adopt them to create that of your company. Here are our tips as a graphic design agency.

Bet on simplicity. This is what ensures the easy recognition of your company. It must be devoid of all superfluity without falling into banality. Create something unique
Aim for memorability. It is an essential element to succeed your logo and it has a direct relation with its simplicity. The more memorable it is, the better your company will be placed with your audience. This is what nourishes their emotional connection with her.
Invest in the long term. Your logo must be timeless. This means that it must remain valid over time, even after 20, 30 or 50 years. If necessary, you can slightly change some aspects of your logo such as color, for example, but in any case, it must remain recognizable.
Give priority to versatility. This means that your company logo must be able to adapt to different types of media. Indeed, being the first communication tool of the company, the logo will be affixed among others on paper, billboards, on your website or on business cards. Whatever the medium used, your logo must remain the same, without deforming. Simplicity is still needed to achieve this result.



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